5 Reasons Summer Is the Best Time to Visit Amilla Maldives

The summer season at Amilla Maldives is truly heaven on Earth. It’s attractive due to milder temperatures, yet a high number of sunny days, and lower accommodation prices.

Summer season at Amilla Maldives

The ‘wet’ season in the Maldives is the driest in the region

Tropical destinations usually have the wet season during European summertime. Precipitation is often high in this part of the year with heavy rains that last for days in some areas. In fact, the wet season in the Maldives isn’t that wet at all. The weather is mostly sunny and there can be only short showers in the afternoon. Consecutive days without a drop of rain are also frequent.

Visiting the Maldives in summer is always a good idea and guests are sure to encounter good weather. Due to little landmass and low-lying topography, the Maldives attracts less moisture from the atmosphere. That’s why summers here are usually the driest in the Indian Ocean region.

manta ray season at Amilla Maldives

One of the most attractive manta ray seasons

The wet season at Amilla Maldives is a perfect time to see beautiful manta rays. Hanifaru Bay, which lies just 10 minutes by speedboat from Amilla Maldives resort, is known as the world’s largest manta ray feeding spot.

Due to the horseshoe bay form, it becomes a trap for zooplankton. It attracts numerous manta rays and sometimes even impressive whale sharks. June and July manta ray season is truly the best time to visit Amilla Maldives and get a unique snorkeling & scuba diving experience!

Ellie Carpenter (@elliecarpenterr) - football coach

Unique workshops and sport camps led by professional coaches

Amilla Maldives offers a variety of activities for its guests. The summer season here is the best time to practice sporting activities including acrobatics and football.

In summer 2022, Amilla Maldives will host acrobatics workshops, all under expert guidance. Guests who decide to visit Amilla Maldives in early July will get a unique chance to participate in a football camp with Ellie Carpenter from the Australian national women’s team. The world’s famous football player will be the camp’s top coach between July 5th and 7th.

Photo by @elliecarpenterr on Instagram

Amilla Maldives welness & spa experience

Exclusive wellness, yoga & spa experiences at Amilla Maldives

Between June 1st and 21st, 2022, the resort welcomes 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training guided by Yogi, Aniket Bhosale. Successful course attendees will receive an officially accredited Yoga Teacher certification.

Amilla Maldives provides a vast range of exclusive wellness experiences to its guests, such as unique spa retreats, wellness packages, and a special WYW (Wellness your Way) menu. That includes the Maldives’ first perimenopause and menopause retreat run by a naturopath and wellness coach.

Traveling to Maldives in the wet season

Summer season special offers and discounts

Amilla Maldives offers up to 30% discounted room rates, upgraded meal plans, and half off shared seaplane transfers. You can get the most beneficial special offers if your stay at Amilla Maldives lasts for 7 days or longer.

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