About us

SEANSES, a luxury travel company, invites you to explore iconic holiday destinations of the Indian Ocean islands: Maldives, Seychelles, and Mauritius. Founded in 2020 by Karina Vitvytska, SEANSES won recognition among the top travel agencies in Dubai proven by excellent reviews from its happy clients. Our luxury travel experts will guide you through the best resorts of the dreamy Indian Ocean islands and manage an incredible vacation for you.

Karina Vitvytska - the founder of SEANSES, a luxury travel agency in Dubai

Karina Vitvytska – your luxury travel expert in the Indian Ocean islands

Karina is not only an expert of the Indian Ocean islands, she also has an emotional connection with luxury travel destinations. Having lived in the Maldives, getting married in the Seychelles, and exploring Mauritius several times, she can truly advise the best luxury resort to suit your needs and your passions.

Karina has a well-rounded knowledge of the travel industry, having worked for the various actors in the tourism sector. She began her career in a travel agency 12 years ago, then worked for a tour operator, before joining a Destination Management Company in the Maldives. She continued her journey into hospitality as she handled business development for leading luxury resorts and villas in the Indian Ocean islands.

New SEANSES for the Indian Ocean travel industry

After the challenges the travel industry has faced in the recent years, and as life finds its balance again, Karina founded her boutique travel agency headquartered in Dubai, UAE. As an independent luxury travel expert, Karina wants her deep knowledge and passion for Indian Ocean islands to benefit clients looking for their perfect holiday destination but also to support the hotel industry in the region.

A new mum and entrepreneur, Karina has developed an appreciation for a balanced lifestyle and embraces what each day has to offer. Through SEANSES, Karina’s own luxury travel company, she celebrates new beginnings, and provides her clients with a deeper connection to themselves and their senses…

Her etho? Transparency – SEANSES provide unbiased advice and recommendations based on Karina’s professional expertise and strive to ensure your expectations are met, whichever luxury travel experience you are looking for.

Let SEANSES be your personal travel expert

Get an ideal travel experience with SEANSES

SEANSES aim to match your aspirations with the right holiday destination. As a founder and top-rated luxury travel expert, Karina appreciates the highest standard of care and attention to detail which discerning clients expect. Working with top luxury resorts, boutique hotels, and hidden gems of the Indian Ocean islands, SEANSES ensure the top-quality service.

We look forward to helping you plan many memorable trips and unleash your senses in the Indian Ocean islands!